Our premium quality synthetic lawn turf never needs to be watered or mowed or fertilized saving you thousands in upkeep! Our turf is extremely durable and is designed to perform in hot, cold, wet and dry climates and is the perfect solution for heavy use grassy areas and places that are traditionally more difficult to grow lush green grass, such as slopes, heavily shaded areas, playgrounds, pet areas and more.

Athletic & Sports Turf

Rocky Mountain Turf & Greens synthetic artificial grass is the perfect choice for both residential and commercial athletic use. The quality of our USA-manufactured turf, combined with our stellar installation techniques, results in fields which can withstand rigorous training and game play. There possibilities are endless for residential, commercial and municipal applications.

Playground & Recreational Surfaces

You can install our Rocky Mountain Turf & Greens artificial grass in a variety of recreational settings… from playgrounds, schools, day care centers, indoor and outdoor workout areas, or even in community parks or recreational facilities.

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